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About Us

At first, we would like to express our gratitude to you for visiting our web site and selection of high quality custom knives.

DAMS CORPORATION came into existence in 2001 and started to produce Damascus steel knife. Within no period DAMS CORPORATION developed into a vast organization having different units including Damascus knife, Damascus scissors, surgical instruments, dental instruments, and scissors of all sorts. Our shrewd management, committed and dedicated professional are elements behind our success. Standardized manufacturing processes are our main routes to our global recognition.

Customer satisfaction has been our prime desire since our existence. Our ever-growing satisfied customers are the evidence of our quality-oriented policies. At DAMS CORPORATION what we value more is the customer satisfaction. Our customer care department is always seeking to make our customers feel great.

As you view our site, you need to know a few things about us. First, every knife or blade on our site was made by us, right here. We believe in providing you with quality workmanship, whether a blade, a no frills working knife, or a work of edged art. There is no substitute for quality and we believe our work reflects that. We make a "limited" number of knives every month to maintain our quality and workmanship.

So come on in, enjoy our site, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call or send us an email. If we don’t have it we can sure make it for you. After all, we look forward to serving you!


The Dams aims to develop Knives & Accessories that are Broad, General & Exclusive . To truly pursue and attain this degree of Knives, athletes.


Entrusted with a leadership role, management is responsible for overseeing R&D department in order to keep abreast with the new developments.


Quality objectives are goals for the value of products, services and processes. It is basic Quality management process to establish a set of objectives.

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